Cober company was founded in Opera, just outside Milan, in 1947. During the years, the production has ranged in many sectors of sport goods (ski poles and bindings, roller skates, tennis rackets, bicycle forks and frames).

During the last 10 years, the steady technical development of poles and the beginning of new sport needing for poles have led the company to specialize in this field. Now, beside the traditional production of poles for classic winter disciplines (downhill, ski touring and cross country), we can find summer poles (for trekking and nordic walking) and for other new sports (freestyle, freeride etc.).

All production stages are directly processed, that allows a constant quality control:

  • mechanical works of aluminium shaft (tapering, tempering, brushing etc.);
  • thermosetting powder painting, injurious solvents safe;
  • decoration with solvents safe printing inks or by thermal transfer (sublimation system);
  • moulding of grips, baskets and other fittings;
  • automatic assembly, by robotized system, assuring quality control of final product.
Production cycle finish with packing, storage and shipment of goods. Efficiency of sophisticated information system for chain and logistic control is a feather in company cap.

Product marketing depends upon sales representatives across national territory. European and extra-European distribution is assured by an international network of local dealers.

In addition to favour low-impact technologies, company agrees to EOCA (European Outdoor Conservation Association), an association between European companies, financing projects oriented to environmental conservation, and natural heritage respect.

All Cober products come with 2-year guarantee.