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Since 2019, Cober has decided to support Dote InMovimento an initiative, now in its fourth edition, created by Assosport (National Association of Sports Goods Manufacturers), in collaboration with the Regione Veneto and CONI, to concretely support families to enroll their children in sports clubs. The project was born from the awareness that promoting sport is a social commitment. A commitment that Cober strongly believes in, as sport is a fundamental part of growth. We have chosen to support this project because it reflects values that are very dear to Cober.

Assosport decided to launch this initiative in 2012 to support low-income families and allow children between 6 and 11 years old to practice sports. “Sport – declares Luca Businaro, former President of Assosport – represents today an important tool for education and social integration, as well as for psycho-physical well-being. Giving all children the opportunity to play sports means investing in their future: fighting a sedentary lifestyle must become a social priority. We aim to grow the sports of tomorrow: not just champions, but first of all healthy people, passionate and aware of the value of sport”.

In the three previous editions, thanks to the funds allocated by the Veneto Region, CONI and the numerous sponsoring companies, over 1500 children were able to practice sports for free at one of the participating sports clubs.